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Measure colour accurately with your mobile

What if you could measure colour accurately anywhere anytime with just your phone?

Image credit: Tim Hartlet from Pexels

Choose foundation online in the social distance era

Matching foundation cream to your skin tone can be as easy as taking a selfie.

Know when to harvest & how much sugar fruit have

Ripening, chlorophyll & nitrogen up-take data for farmers. Sugar content estimation for the nutritionally aware.

Easy setup

All you need is your phone and a card we provide with some colours on it.

Quality results

Accurate spectra and absolute colour values returned.

Quick measurements

As quick and easy as taking a photo. Take a tour with our App how-to.

How does it work?

ColourWorker’s patented technology combines colour standard calibration with knowledge of the subject material to estimate accurate spectral reflectance and colour data.

Let’s work together on your
next colour project

We write bespoke apps as well as our generic one.